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2018科幻战争《太平洋战场》720p.HD888必发手机版下载中字 - 内容介绍:◎译  名 太平洋战场◎片  名 Pacific Theater◎年  代 2016◎产  地 澳大利亚◎类  别 科幻◎语  言 英语◎字  幕 中字◎简   ...
2018科幻战争《太平洋战场》720p.HD888必发手机版下载中字 - 内容介绍:

◎译  名 太平洋战场
◎片  名 Pacific Theater
◎年  代 2016
◎产  地 澳大利亚
龙部落 科幻
◎语  言 英语
◎字  幕 中字
◎简  介
         这一天铭刻在这个星球上每个人的记忆中:世界改变的那一天。首先是对菲律宾的进攻。几天之内,它们就四处蔓延,好像冒出了任何地方,袭击了更多的岛屿,在南太平洋建立了立足点。接着,第一次袭击美国的土壤——洛杉矶——事实变得清晰起来:我们的世界再次陷入战争,但这次是来自银河系之外的敌人。现在,几个月后,世界的命运悬于平衡为使命,打击敌方的关键安装深入敌占区去可怕的错误,和第十五远征部队的海军陆战队分散在新不列颠岛,群龙无首的岛,和面临的困难。太平洋战区是那些海军陆战队队员的故事:从太平洋的家园到前线的新兵。这是一个迷人的加州冲浪者John Blake的故事,他必须找到成为领袖的力量,Tracey Gleeson,一个物理家…
  That day is seared into the memory of every human being on the planet: the day the world changed. First came the attack on the Philippines. Within days they spread, as though appearing out of nowhere, striking out at more islands, forging a foothold in the South Pacific. Then came the first attack on U.S. soil - Los Angeles - and the reality became clear: our world was at war once again, but this time with an enemy from beyond our galaxy. Now, months later, the fate of the world hangs in the balance as a mission to strike at a key enemy installation deep in enemy territory goes terribly wrong, and the Marines of the 15th Expeditionary Unit are scattered across the island of New Britain, leaderless, and facing impossible odds. Pacific Theater is the story of those Marines: fresh recruits who journey from their homes across the Pacific to the front lines. It is the story of John Blake, a charming Californian surfer who must find the strength to become a leader, Tracey Gleeson, a physics...


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